Air Jordan 12 XII Chinese New Year 881427-122 2017


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1. Why you should buy the shoe…

Buy it simply because it offers a roomy, interior toe box that you can’t live without: Just place those feet inside, adjust and tighten, and move around for a bit; you will see what I’m talking about. Let the shoe move as you move, and you will find the feeling a delight. Has running or walking ever been so easy to do?

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

You can get minimal leather linings that make for a cozy fit when working unison with your shoe’s gentle laces and tongue. The upper portion of the shoe, found just underneath the tongue, is both lightweight and soft, only adding to the comfort even more. Plus, you can come to realize that the rubber soles on the bottom will only further enhance your stability and traction as well. And did I mention that the toe box and heel tab, found at the back and front, respectively, serve the unique purpose of softening themselves when you make impact with the ground? So how can a hard landing be as damaging as before?

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

The shoe is purple and white all around, uniquely mixing a great variety of purple gradients likes those of light, medium, and dark purple. The colors balance well and certainly attract the naked eye. And when women see you walking or running around with a pair on, gentlemen, they may be all the more attracted — but to you or to the shoes? Now, that is the question of the hour.

Nonetheless, the shoe attracts. It inspires. It endures — yes, it is highly durable and made of quality rubber/leather.

4. How you can wear these shoes…

It’s a purple shoe but it’s still a men’s shoe, so keep that in mind. Wear it when playing basketball with other guys, perhaps.

Additional information

Men Size

8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12